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American College of Surgeons SEAL



In 2020 RSI Design was asked to duplicate a cast bronze seal second generation owner, Glenn Rebechini’s father (Ferdinand Rebechini) had sculpted for the ACOS 20 years earlier.

The original casting was some 30” in diameter, the catch was the architect wanted the duplicate to be 72” in diameter. After much discussion of weights on the wall panels and the logistics and costs of such a large casting, the decision was made to make a lightweight replica using a 3D laser scanner to create a 3D file of the relief work Ferdinand had done so many years ago.

Then, the team used our Multi-Cam router to carve the center relief portion as well as the entirety of the rest of the seal from 20# sign foam. We detailed the relief by hand prior to applying the painted finish. In addition to make the piece pop, we used the waterjet to cut 220 alloy bronze letters, polished and applied them to the seal. The final piece is a true replica of the original except the new piece is 4 times the size but weighs less than the smaller original!

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