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Custom Fireplace Surround

A Collaboration with Wood Logic Custom Millwork Inc.


The client's request was clear: they wanted a custom fireplace surround that would blend seamlessly with their millwork structure while exuding sophistication and elegance. Utilizing the latest technology and cutting-edge equipment, their mission was to design a solid and intricate fireplace surround that would make a bold statement while harmonizing with the client's vision.
Their work centered on using a high-precision waterjet system to cut through solid muntz metal, shaping it into a sophisticated and elegant fireplace surround designed to fit in around the millwork structure. RSi Design also used their skills to form the metal into complex angles and joints with extreme precision. The end plates are a half-inch thick, nearly ten feet tall, and were meticulously crafted using a dark oxidized muntz metal.

The result of RSi Design's work was a one-of-a-kind custom fireplace surround that would make any visitor feel like they were in a 5-star resort. The fireplace surround was crafted with high levels of accuracy and skill, pairing durably treated metal with sleek and elegant finishes. If you have an idea for a masterpiece that you want to bring into reality, work with RSi Design, and let your imagination come to life.

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