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Elk Grove Village Rebranding

Chosen by Gary Weber & Associates

Elk Grove Village, IL 2012

In 2012 RSI Design was chosen by Gary Weber and Associates the be the manufacturer of all the signs for the rebranding of Elk Grove Village. RSI Design worked with GW&A in designing and constructing a wide variety of sizes for various purposes while maintaining design continuity throughout the village. The design and theme are instantly recognizable as soon as you enter the Village.

This has been a massive on-going project for RSI Design. To date the RSI Design team has built over 80 individual signs for the residential areas of the village, the business park the new public works buildings, two Fire stations and other projects spread across the city. In addition, RSI Design has built signs with large Watchfire and Cirrus message centers, Illuminated Highway Keystone signs and pretty much everything in between. A sampling of the projects is pictured below.

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