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Elk Head Sculpture

Elk Grove Village Public Works

Elk Grove Village, IL 2020

In 2020, with the Elk Grove Villages new public works facility was looming completion, RSI Design was hired by the village to make a commemorative piece of sculpture for the main interior entry wall. The main goal was to have the piece tie together public works and the village theme. RSI Design decided to do a one-off take on Villages Elk Head logo.

The RSI team tried to find a variety of mechanical components and tools used every day by the Public Works Department. After rummaging through old parts bins at the public works facility, the RSI garage, and old toolboxes we had what we needed!

The waterjet cut a simple silhouette of the elk head from steel. Then, our team worked on arranging, cutting, slicing, and welding all this together using a photo of a large bull elk. The eye of the elk is from a surveyor’s sextant. After all the pieces were put together, an oxidized finish was applied over the entire piece and hand relieved the finish.

The final piece is called “working it” and was dedicated in Honor of James Paul Petri, a long time City Council member.

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