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Ford Museum Plaque

A collaboration with Ravenswood Studios, Inc.

Grosse Point, MI 2021

In 2021, Ravenswood Studios, Inc. partnered with RSI Design to collaborate on a project for the Ford House in Grosse Point, MI. With only a very simplistic 2D rendering of a map RSi-Design was asked to create an interpretive 3D version of it in bronze.

Our pattern maker produced all the components seen in the photos of the pattern by hand using a variety of materials and artistic processes. Then, our foundry cast everything into solid bronze. It was meticulously hand finished, oxidized and hand rubbed and clear-coated. The result is a stunning ariel view replica of the property as it existed in the late 1920’s. The casting weighed in at 673# and Ravenswood Studio mounted the plaque onto the beautiful stand with the informative panels pictured.

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