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John Deere

A collaboration with 555International


Rsi-Design and 555International partnered to create a unique signage installation for John Deere that stands out in the urban landscape while promoting sustainability and brand engagement.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Fulton Market sign, RSi Design and 555Designs conceptualized a living art piece that combines the retro charm of faux neon lights with the organic beauty of a plant wall.

Design Features include a LED faux neon sign showing a vibrant display that captures the essence of John Deere’s brand with a nod to Chicago’s historic market district. A living Plant Wall with a dynamic backdrop that brings a touch of nature to the urban environment, requiring regular watering and care, and water-resistant letters that were custom-built to withstand moisture, ensuring the longevity of the sign amidst the living plant wall. Finally, the interactive nature of the living moss wall encourages visitors to engage with the brand on a deeper level. The signage reinforces John Deere’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The project was executed with meticulous attention to detail, from the selection of plant species to the engineering of water-resistant faux neon letters. The installation process involved close collaboration between RSi Design’s signage experts and 555internationalss’ creative and sustainability team, ensuring seamless integration of the signage into the existing space.

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