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Lincoln Park Savings Pyramid

A collaboration with The Henzer Corporation

Chicago, IL 2006

In 2006, RSI Design was contracted by The Hezner Corporation to facilitate the design and construction of a large architectural element on top of a new bank they were building. Because of an extremely rough design for this project, RSI-Design was tasked with creating the shop drawing, all fabrication, and installation. The structure is completely made from 304 stainless steel and consists of a box tube base structure overlaid with “Venetian Blind” elements and a multitude of various Rimex textured stainless steel panels that were cut in angular shapes and mounted inside the main structure.

Mounting pads were built into the roof to support and mount the structure to and a large RGB LED unit mounted under our “pyramid” so the client can control the illumination for various holidays and special occasions. The entire structure was about 30’ in length 12’ wide and 10’ in height. Additionally, a custom “topper” that would act as the lighting rod and connect to the lighting ground system.

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