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Prestone Sign

Sourcing Scout Partners

October, 2023

Sourcing Scout Partners is a company that offers comprehensive signage and visual branding. They needed a sign for one of their clients that could also be used in their office or at a trade show. They contacted RSi Design, a company that has 77 years of experience in creating custom signs for various industries.

RSi Design listened to the needs and preferences of Sourcing Scout Partners and their client, and came up with a sign design that met their expectations. They used fabricated letters and filled them with recycled rubber flakes, giving the sign a unique texture and appearance. They also made a custom acrylic box and mating wall box that allowed the sign to be attached flush to any surface. They added transparent yellow vinyl to the box to help with the light diffusion, and stuffed it with warm white LED lights, making the sign shine with a bright yellow color.

The sign was delivered to Sourcing Scout Partners, who were impressed with the result. The sign was easy to install and transport, and could be used both in their client’s office and at trade shows. The sign showcased their client’s brand identity and professionalism, and helped them attract potential customers. The sign also generated interest and curiosity among trade show attendees, who were impressed by the quality and design of the sign.

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