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Rubenstein Forum

A collaboration with ACS Susico

Skokie, IL

Contracted by ACS Susico out of Skokie, IL. RSI Design was asked to design and build the unique signs for the University of Chicago. This project is broken down explaining the Exterior and Interior work.

EXTERIOR: The exterior sign is a low ground hugging angular piece that needed to match the blackened steel being used on the interior of the new (stunning) building. Due to concerns of the durability of blackened steel being used exterior we constructed the sign from 5052 Aluminum and applied various primers and a final Polyurethane topcoat that mimicked the slightly uneven coloration of the blackened steel. The sign is secured with hinges and rare earth magnets to the low steel retaining wall behind the sign. This allows for easy access and serviceability without any visible fastening system. The sign lighting is controlled through a Bluetooth application which allows you to adjust the text brightness separately from the edge/ground illumination. We constructed a full dimensionally accurate mockup in our shop to completely test the unit and its function prior to delivery to the site.

INTERIOR: The angular theme continued to the interior of the building. RSI was tasked with the machining and waterjet cutting to the angled letters (pictured below). Made from solid 1.5” aluminum, these were machined to a specific angle, then set into a jig on one of our waterjets. Then, the letters were cut from the machined aluminum stock. The letters also received the same painted finish to match the blackened steel.

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