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Sullivan Memorial

A collaboration with Vandewalle & Associates, Eye Level Studio & The City of Waterloo

November, 2023

The Sullivan brothers were five siblings who bravely served in the United States Navy during World War II. Tragically, they were all serving together on the USS Juneau when it was sunk by a Japanese submarine in the Battle of Guadalcanal. Following this devastating loss, the armed forces passed a law that forbids families from serving together in the same unit.

To honor the Sullivan brothers' sacrifice and commitment to togetherness and the 700 others who were lost in the battle, RSi Design was commissioned by Vandewalle & Associates & Eye Level Studio for City of Waterloo Iowa and the Sullivan Family to create a memorial dedicated to the five brothers. The talented team of designers, engineers, and fabricators conceptualized and rendered the design from start to finish, crafting an awe-inspiring structure that perfectly captures the spirit of the brothers.

The Sullivan brothers’ memorial is a magnificent amalgamation of large, fabricated aluminum structures, etched stainless steel panels, and converted archival photographs to hand-drawn line art by the incredibly talented Taylor Mazer. The sculpture includes state-of-the-art uplighting. It also houses a digital projector inside, which projects the word 'together' on the side of the structure.

It's impossible to overstate the attention to detail and the exceptional level of artistic skill that went into the creation of this stunning memorial. The etched stainless steel panels exhibit incredible precision and attention to detail, showcasing the life and legacy of the Sullivan brothers.

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